Bokeh For Ambience

ambience beads bokeh

Sometime around last Christmas, I was playing around with my DSLR camera. I was changing different settings to see what they did to the resulting shots. Quite by accident, I discovered how to change the camera’s focus from the center to the side! This was the secret I’ve been looking for because it created a nice bokeh effect in the background. And bokeh gave my shots such nice, warm ambience. I loved it!

Here is my old, a little dusty, Canon Rebel T1i camera… It’s on Program mode, the easiest auto settings for me where I can change limited values so I don’t screw everything up. haha

canon rebel t1i P setting

And then, if you look on the right side, there are buttons used for zooming in and out. Apparently, when not in “Play” mode, the Zoom In button becomes the Manual Point Selection Button so you change where you want to focus your shot.

canon rebel t1i maual point selection button

When you press it, you can take your pick!

canon rebel t1i manual point selection

It is such an awesome feature that I never knew existed! All this time, I thought that photographers edited their shots on Photoshop, after the photoshoot. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this before?!

Just look at these fun shots I took just by changing the focus to the left or right of the camera, while shooting… It created those bokeh effects I’ve always wanted. Also, my shots started to have more depth and created the perfect, warm ambience that was suitable for Christmas.

ambience beads bokeh

ambience square ball ornament

ambience glitter ornament

I wish I took more Christmas photos like this, but it was at the end of the season, right before I put everything away. Oh well, there’s always next year. Besides, I can play with other subjects in the meantime.

Yay for new discoveries! And I suggest you look for a way to do this with your camera too. So fun!

Whatever it is, share it!

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