#WW: Aquarium of the Pacific

It’s been several years since I’ve visited the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. It’s a nice place to visit with family, especially for those who have little ones. While it can get crowded, the traffic generally moves along at a nice pace. Also, they serve Starbucks inside! And if you’ve got the time, just across the street is the famous Bubba Gump Restaurant. Win all around.

You must stop by the Aquarium if you’re ever down in SoCal. They have such cute fishies and a few other interesting species besides…

Below are some of my favorites. All of these were taken only with my Samsung Galaxy S8+, no filters, and no editing.

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This giant blue whale hangs above people, right after the main entrance. Tiny humans. Hahaha.


Me: “Dori fish!” Husband: “Actually, they’re called Blue Tangs.” Me: “Dori!”


Hey there, alligator!


Eastern Hellbender, a type of salamander. This guy was almost 3 feet long!



Giant. Eel. Whoa.


Giant Manta Rays. This photo doesn’t show their hugeness at all. They are really huge!



Green tree frogs. They look fake, right?





It took a few seconds before I could find the frog in this encasement. It’s a Moss Frog.



There’s a frog here. It’s yellow.


White Catfish. Nice goatee.



How many tiger sharks do you see in the tide pool?


This is a Rockfish. Can you see it? No, it’s not that black circle…


A blue-spotted stingray with his angelfish pal.



Oh, just some random silver fish. Maybe a small mouth bass?


This seal was super fast! It took several shots to catch his face on camera!



Glowing sea anemonies. So mesmerizing…


RIBBON DRAGON! These are a kind of sea horse, I think. They are so cool. They cluster on seaweed forests by anchoring themselves to the leaves using their tails. They also anchor on each other! Sometimes, you can’t tell that it’s a long chain of them until you look closer!


Thank you for viewing until the end! These are only a sampling of what’s at the Aquarium. Pretty, aren’t they?

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