Gloomy Monday

I know the song is Gloomy Sunday but today’s Monday… And it’s going to be gloomy all week. A storm system is passing through and it’s bringing us lots of rain.

This is a good thing for us Southern Californians because our dams and lakes can stock up water, ready for the next summer heat wave. I really don’t like being on drought alert…my plants suffer so much!

So I’m glad we’re soaking up all this rain. Plus, it’s clearing up our skies and making everything feel fresh. Not to mention it makes you want to cuddle up all day with a warm cuppa by the fireplace. ☕

Ah rain… I love it!

One thought on “Gloomy Monday

  1. I rather love the sound of rain too – the gloomy feel that is a great excuse to curl up with a good book by a fire. You really captured the atmosphere 🙂

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