Graceful, Little Spider

graceful little spider

I almost didn’t notice him hanging there, under the playstructure arch. He was so tiny and almost transparent, that aside from his web which gave him away, he was almost invisible.

As I zoomed in as much as I could, for he was ever so tiny, I could tell, he was delicate and, as most spiders were, graceful.

graceful little spider

I was hesitant to breathe, being very close, because I didn’t want to blow him into oblivion. Such a tiny creature, so fragile. I wished I knew what kind of spider he was and how long he had to live. I wanted him to be there everyday that I came back.

graceful little spider 2

But he isn’t there anymore. And sometimes, I still look though – just in case someone else has moved in.

This post is part of The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge: Graceful.

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