Same Purpose, New (Photography) Direction

We are now five days into the New Year. I specifically didn’t make any resolutions because I was too afraid to fail. I figured that I would just try and be better at whatever I was doing at the moment, every single time.

One of the things I would like to get better at, is blogging regularly again. If you don’t know yet, I have 3 blogs: a Mom Blog, a Poetry Blog, and this blog. The purpose of this blog, as it says in the sidebar, is “to find something beautiful inside every (crazy) day.” However, I didn’t want the focus of this place to be motherhood or parenting. I love that part of me, to be sure, but that’s what my mom blog is for.

I’m creative, I must admit. I do draw and write poetry, after all. But one other passion of mine is photography. I’m not a professional, barely an amateur, but I love to take photos! I can take photos slightly better than the average Joe, but I’ve got a lot to learn. And the only way for me to get better, is to keep on snapping.

There it is. This blog is now, officially, my Photography Blog!

Here, I plan to share my version of beautiful. You might agree or disagree with what I find beautiful, and that’s okay. The point is that I’d like to become more aware of the beauty around me, while practicing my photography skills.

I believe that a big part of being a good photographer is being able to see beyond what’s in front of you. Having the ability to imagine the scene, the feeling, and the theme while you shoot is key to creating something that captivates. I would like to practice that…

photography balloons in the wind

Also, the filters afterwards are just for plain, having fun! I might do those every so often. I actually enjoy using apps like Adobe Photoshop Express and PicsArt. I’ve also got Adobe Photoshop Elements on my PC and the ever-popular PicMonkey online.

Photography should be fun. Right?

photography balloons in the wind filter

The next step for me now is to try and do this regularly. I NEED to take advantage of my WordPress App on my phone! Do you use it? I think that since I take a lot of pictures using my phone, it should be easy for me to just upload that to my blog. But of course, laziness.

So, this year, well, at least starting this month, I’m going to use my WordPress App more, in order to post more regularly on my blog.

Here’s to a more productive blogging year! Cheers! (Or I should say, “CHEESE!”)

2 thoughts on “Same Purpose, New (Photography) Direction

  1. Yeah – I love this idea!!! And what a great shot to start with. Love the filter edit. I love being able to combine both my art loves of words and images.

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