Winter Weather

We rarely get snow here where I live. In winter, we get rain instead.

So while we’re all wishing for snow, I’m still happy for the rain.

I love rain and the way it makes the earth smell and the wind feel on your face.

And I love the way it makes everything look entirely different too…

It’s supposed to rain all week around these parts. I’m really looking forward it. The kids will have a very wet back-to-school week, but I know they’ll love all the puddles that are sure to have accumulated around campus.

The downside? More laundry… 🤣

2 thoughts on “Winter Weather

  1. If I could pack up some snow and send it, I would. 🙂
    But I agree, the sound of rain on roofs and leaves is much nicer than cold snow.

    1. Oh Les, I miss you! Remember the days we used to blog and “visit” each other all the time? How are you? Yes, I would love snow for a present…if I could bottle up snow forever I would! Still, rain is my favorite and prefer over anything else that might fall from the sky…(unless it rains chocolate, coffee, or money)! 😉

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