Hi! I’m JANICE. Thanks for stopping by.

This blog is my small attempt at finding some form of beauty in my every day life. These days, I feel like I can barely get through until bedtime. So, I want to consciously try and slow down, lift up my head, and see beauty around me.


I was born in the Philippines and then was flown to the U.S. a few months short of my 12th birthday. Trudging through adolescence while in the midst of home (country) sickness, I survived the best years of my young adult life.

Then, a Bachelor’s, a Master’s, and a Credential later, I married the One. I put in five years of work to support my family of 3. And when kid #2 came along, I traded $$$ for kisses and hugs and became a Stay-At-Home-Mom.


Still a SAHM, but now with 4 kids! With 4 kids under one roof, I barely have time to think and reflect. And as many SAHMs will tell you, our world can become a little lonely and closed in, without constant interaction with other adults. My husband does his best to keep me happy, but this girl needs to…

…TO SEE BEYOND the loneliness and realize that I need to take the initiative to find happiness. It’s me who has to lift up my own head and find something beautiful inside every crazy day.


It’s my hope that as I find the gems in my life, I inspire others to see the beauty in their lives too.

find something beautiful