“Bee” Beautiful

bee daisy

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I don’t normally like bees and steer clear away from them. But this bee was just irresistible in his busy-ness that I had to snap away. Maybe he was just waiting for someone to notice him because he stayed on the flower long enough for me to get pretty clear, close-up shots!

Many people, including myself, don’t think too fondly of bees. We’re all afraid to be stung, for sure, so we shoo them or keep our distance.

But how many of us are just like this bee sometimes? We are so busy with life, but deep down, we’re wishing someone would just stop, get close, and notice us?

And maybe there will come a time when someone gets close. That’s why no matter what, we must “BEE” Beautiful inside and out because someone is bound to notice someday…

In lieu of just Wordless Wednesday link ups, and in the spirit of the theme of this blog (something beautiful everyday), I’ve created a way for us to share what beautiful things we love, everyday!

Introducing…B.E.S.T. –> Beautiful Everyday Share Train! Please join me in collecting all the beauty of this world!

You may share links to a blog post OR an instagram post. They can old or new posts. They can be photos, your art pieces, poetry, or pretty little crafts you’ve made. Whatever is beautiful to you, feel free to share.

Come back everyday for join a new train full of beautiful everythings!

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