Ultimate Rocks and Gems Collection

I’m not a rock collector, but I recently bought the “Ultimate Rocks and Gems Collection” from the Scholastic Book Orders my daughter came home with one day. I figured that it would be an interesting activity for all of us to get into. I imagined the whole family gathered at the table, quietly discussing the different qualities of the rocks and gems. We would take turns examining each one in detail.

ultimate rocks and gems collection

Then reality happened.

As soon as I picked up my daughter from school, I discovered that she had opened the box while waiting for me, and lost 3 of the rocks on her way to the car. In addition, she had shaken up the contents – meaning, all the rocks were not in their proper receptacles when I got to them!

I might have made an empty threat to never buy anything from the book orders ever again. But you know how that goes. Those book order things have cool stuff and great deals!

Needless to say, I spent a fair amount of time looking at photos online and on the booklet the collection came with in order to figure out which rocks and gems were which. That was both fun and annoying at the same time.

Also, lucky for me, I was able to find the three missing rocks by going to the spot where my daughter waits for me after school. There they were, looking lost among the ordinary ground cement and woodchips. It was a good thing I new the size I was looking for, and they were unique and easy enough to spot. Mostly, I was worried a kid had found them and taken them before I could get there.

So, without further ado, here are the 48 Rocks and Gems to satisfy your curiosity. Enjoy!

If you would like to get your own set of rocks, Amazon has a variety for you to choose from. I highly recommend them as gifts for Christmas! (Yes, it’s coming…)

9 thoughts on “Ultimate Rocks and Gems Collection

  1. I have both a Malachite and an Amethyst stone necklace. Amethyst is abundant a bit further North from us, and we have visited the mines and gift stores a lot. There’s quite a few amethyst things in my house, and others as well because the one store has this cool feature where you pay $10 and they dump a bucket of different rocks, etc. into this water trough and you can actually pan handle!! The kids love it. You keep whatever you find. I used to have a tiger’s eye for luck, but I gave it away to a boy once and of course, bad luck: he dumped me!!! Grrrrrr. Ha.

  2. Oh my gosh – we just got our order. We homeschool and so the box was with us and I said repeatedly. Be very careful to not dump this box!!!! What happens the second time it was opened? Total dump. ARG! So thankful for your post lol!

  3. I’m another mom whose child got things mixed up. Thank you so much for the post! 🙂 We’re having fun trying to put the rocks in the right place.

  4. Just bought this for Christmas for my 6 year old and my 2 year old took the box and flipped it upside down … was searching everywhere for a list and pictures , thanks for this ….we will try to rearrange them in the new year !! Lol

  5. 3 years ago my wife and I descrambled these. My kids have just rediscovered them and now here I am, doing it again. Using just the book is a hideous waste of time because the book shows examples-that-look-nice, whereas what you get in the box is examples-that-are-cheap-enough-to-sell-to-schoolkids. This post makes it a little easier. Thankyou.

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