Sunset Through Sunflowers

single sunflower sunset

The day was ending, and I was looking for something beautiful to happen. Driving home, I took a left turn on the road less traveled by most. Looking over to the right, the sunflowers screamed, “Look at us, dazzling in the sunset!” I couldn’t resist.

I pulled over, reached for my phone, and tried to snap a shot. Useless phone. The battery was “critically low,” so it wouldn’t let me use the camera.

A minute passed by and the sunset was disappearing behind the mountains. I’m losing my beautiful for the day. How depressing.

Light bulb moment!

I have my little point-and-shoot camera in my purse! Hurrying, anxious that the sun was leaving me, I pulled it out just in time to catch the last minute of light for the day.

sunflower sunset

single sunflower sunset

I even got this semi-blurry shot of some wild plants growing amongst the sunflower fields.

The sun was just cresting the mountaintop and these wild plants seemed to be trying to take a last dip in the sliver of golden on the horizon.

sunset horizon

No matter how the day went, I can always count on the sunset being there. It’s truly one of my favorite things in this world.

Anywhere I might be, the sunset will always be there.

And wherever I find it, to me, it will always be Definitely Beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Sunset Through Sunflowers

  1. Beautiful captures!! Sunsets are me aesthetic. I love the “dying light of day” because it’s ironic that it seems to burst with life.

    1. Very true that, although I never thought about that irony before. Thanks for a new point of view!

  2. I LOVE the sunset too. Everyday God paints a picture for me. And sunflowers are my daughter’s favorite flower too. She wants to use them in her wedding. Love to you, Amy PS I followed you on twitter too.

    1. Sunflowers are one of my favorites too. I’m always in awe of them when I see just how big they can get, and how they love to just soak up the sun. Too me, it always looks like they’re smiling and are always happy.

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