• rain close up raindrops weeds
    Nature,  Wordless Wednesday

    When It Rains, It Pours

    Today, it was a warm and sunny day in Southern California. You wouldn’t guess at all that just last week, it was raining cats and dogs around here. So much so, that there were flooded streets everywhere.…

  • peaceful-colors-siblings
    People,  Wordless Wednesday

    Peaceful Colors

    Nowadays, it’s rare for me to see my three oldest children getting along, while doing the same activity. So you can bet that I took pictures when I saw them peacefully coloring together the other day. Although…

  • fall red red rose
    Nature,  Wordless Wednesday

    Fall Beginnings

    One of the reasons why Fall is my favorite season is because the plants get reprieve from the heat of summer. Flowers start blooming as if it’s springtime! Please enjoy the meager Fall blooms of my backyard…

  • play outside 2
    People,  Wordless Wednesday

    Play Outside

    The backyard in my parents’ house is unique. If you compared it to the rest of the neighborhood, it would stick out like a thumb. This backyard looks like it belongs in the country. There’s no manicured…