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    Gloomy Monday

    I know the song is Gloomy Sunday but today’s Monday… And it’s going to be gloomy all week. A storm system is passing through and it’s bringing us lots of rain. This is a good thing for…

  • Nature,  Photography

    Winter Weather

    We rarely get snow here where I live. In winter, we get rain instead. So while we’re all wishing for snow, I’m still happy for the rain. I love rain and the way it makes the earth…

  • Nature,  Photography

    A Rainy Day

    Summer felt very long for us in Southern California. It seemed to last even well into the first weeks of Fall. While the rest of the northern world were experiencing the changing of the season, we SoCal…

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    Grapeleaf Skeletonizers

    When I saw these caterpillars, I got very excited. They were a pretty, vibrant yellow with blue stripes at each end. Clumped together on leaves, or what’s left of the leaves, they were kind of cute. Although…

  • friendship


    A friendship that lasts even across the miles is rare indeed. And even though there are phones and social media to keep each other “in the know” about life, nothing beats actual time together in RL. It’s…

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    Bokeh For Ambience

    Sometime around last Christmas, I was playing around with my DSLR camera. I was changing different settings to see what they did to the resulting shots. Quite by accident, I discovered how to change the camera’s focus…