Disneyland Parade Flashback (2011)

It feels like ages ago that I was an annual pass holder at Disneyland. I used to live about 10 minutes away from The Happiest Place On Earth and spent at least 3 times a week there. Some days it would just be in the morning, catching lunch before the rest of the crazy crowd got there. Other times, I stayed until the fireworks ended.

For any D-land tourist, the Parade was the highlight of their day. For me, I almost never watched it. It became too predictable.

However, one time, I stopped and took some photos using JUST my little HTC cell phone. This was a 2011 cell phone! I’m a little surprised how well the photos turned out, actually.

My favorite shot? When I caught Peter Pan flying…

I wonder how different the parade is nowadays? It would be so cool to be able to take photos using a better camera and see how things have changed.

Have you been to Disneyland lately? Is the parade a whole lot of different from this 2011 parade? I’m curious to find out!


  • Carol

    I live in Florida but never Orlando. I always have to drive a couple of hours to get there, but I’ve also been an annual passholder. it’s great to go for an occasional weekend too. Great shots!

    • definitelybeautiful

      I agree. It was nice to know there was always a place you could go to to get away for a little while, even at the spur of the moment. Right?
      Thanks for stopping by Carol. And I appreciate the comment love too!

  • Dara

    I love Disney parades! They are so colorful. I have a friend who got me into taking photos of them and it’s one of my favorite things to photograph at Disney. You did great with just your phone!

    • Janice

      Disney parades are colorful indeed! I loved taking pics of it whenever they passed by. I wish I could go back just so I could use my better phone now and also, better photography skills! LOL

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