Play Outside

The backyard in my parents’ house is unique. If you compared it to the rest of the neighborhood, it would stick out like a thumb. This backyard looks like it belongs in the country. There’s no manicured and maintained lawn, no pretty border with flowers, and it isn’t the neatest place in the world. BUT I love it that way.

This backyard is a special place for us. When you’re there, it feels like you’re in a different place and time. That’s why I think it’s the PERFECT place for my children to play in…

When we’re at my parents’ house, I wait for that magic hour when the sun is still up, but not beating down. That time when the shade of the house completely covers the backyard. And sometimes, when we’re lucky, there’s a breeze blowing in that makes the neighbor’s collection of wind chimes hum in the air…

Go on, kids. Play outside! Yes, you can get dirty today, I brought you a change of clothes. Play outside!

play outside

play outside 1

play outside 2

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play outside 3

play outside 4

play outside 5

Children should be allowed to play outside and get dirty. When they are allowed to explore and discover on their own, within a safe environment, they develop creativity, problem solving skills, and confidence. It also just makes them happy, little people!

Cooler weather is upon us. Let your kids play outside more!

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